Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lion Tattoos

Animals always are a popular choice for tattoos. One of the more popular animal tattoos is the lion tattoo. The reason for this is because of what the lion symbolizes. The most recognized symbol that a lion carries is king of the jungle. Because of this, having the tattoo represents strength, power and royalty.

They are the most revered and feared animals of the jungle, so it only makes sense that these words and thoughts are associated with the animal. People who decide to get this tattoo typically are looking for strength in their lives. They use the tattoo as encouragement to have strength, as well as a reminder that they have power.

For example, if your lion tattoo depicts a lion sitting calmly and regally, this means that you are a person who is in charge of your own strength and power. You do not have to show your teeth to have people respect you. The other popular way for people to get their tattoos is having the lions in attack mode. This represents your ability to stand up for yourself. Another popular meaning behind having this animal as your tattoo subject is with the signs . The lion is most commonly associated with the zodiac sign Leo. Many people who have this sign get it tattooed as a way to be connected with their sign.

Henna Tattoos

Henna (from the plant lawsonia inermia) is known as many names and is predominantly found in North Africa, Eygpt, India and parts of the Middle East. It is best known for its dried, ground leaves that produce a colourfast dye in shades varying from pale brown through to dark russet reds. It can be used to dye hair, skin, clothes and even finger nails, and has long been used as a treatment for sunburn, for its astringent qualities and also as a sedative.

The art of Henna has been practised for thousands of years in the countries mentioned above but in the last 5 years there has been a surge of interest from Western countries. It is now widely accepted as an art in self expression and individuality.

There is evidence of tattooing dating right back over 5000 years and the Egyptians were the culture that totally embraced it. They were probably the vainest of cultures when it came to beauty and personal hygiene. Henna was used in many ways to stain hands, hair and nails.

Henna is a life giving and therapeutic experience for anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner self. It has a history of spirituality and is linked with marriage, birth and death, and is probably the oldest art form known to man.

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are the most popular tattoos among the different tattoo designs found today, especially among women. There is due to the beauty of flower tattoos and their great eye appeal. Flower tattoos have several different meanings. Basically all flowers have a deep meaning and a great deal of symbolism. For example, red roses mean love and romance, lilies mean innocence and purity, sunflowers mean loyalty and dedication, and orchids mean beauty and luxury.

The second most popular tattoo is the lotus flower, the first being the rose. It’s important to understand the meaning of this flower. The lotus is the most important flower in the Asian countries because of its religious significance. There are many references to the lotus in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed the Hindu God Braham was born of a lotus blossom. Buddhists believe that the lotus represents nature as do the Egyptians.