Friday, January 13, 2012

Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men and Women

Tribal arm tattoos are easy to combine with other tattoos. Tribal tattoos were very common in the past amongst tribes and natives. Each member of the tribe would use these tattoos as markings for achievements and to determine where they rank among the tribe. Since needles did not exist in early times, they used special tools that cut the skin. These cuts were filled in with ash and soot. Once finished, the ash and soot would dry and turn black in color. It would fill the skin and the design would be distinct and form an image or marking. Hand-tapping tattoos followed many years later. This is when they would use a sharp tool that punctured the skin repeatedly. This style of tattooing is known as "tapping". They would place the sharp object over the skin and tap the object into the skin. It was filled in with the same ash and soot that was used in the past. Both processes would be painful, but it was a way of life. Those that wear these tattoos wear them proudly and with honor.