Monday, April 2, 2012

Cross Tattoos The Most Popular

Crosses are, without a doubt, the most popular type of tattoo you can get. Just about everyone likes to employ a cross, whether they use it in their own designs or as just a standalone tattoo. Perhaps it is because the cross can symbolize so many things, or maybe it is just because the cross is one of the most basic, easiest shapes for tattoo artists to create. Whatever the reason, whenever you get a tattoo of a cross on your body, you want to make sure that it stands out from the thousands of other tattoos of the same design.

When getting a cross tattoo, the worst possible thing you can do is take a tattoo design right out of one of the cross tattoo galleries and tell the artist that is what you want on your body. Do you really want some boring, used up design that hundreds of other people have already used, on your body? Why not get something original? Something you can call your own. Even if you have no design skill whatsoever, there are countless ways to create a unique cross design.

The best way for non artistic types to create their own unique cross tattoo is to start with a template of some sort. A basic foundation that you can build on with your own unique taste. And that's where the cross tattoo galleries come in. Although you should never get a tattoo straight from a gallery, you should certainly use the gallery to your advantage as a starting point for what you create yourself.

So, the first step to finding your own unique cross tattoo is to look through gallery after gallery to find a design that is fitting. Do you want a Celtic cross? A Roman cross? One of the other countless types of crosses? There are hundreds of examples of crosses in any given tattoo gallery, so find the four or five designs that you like the best and go from there.

If you have some drawing skill, you can take the cross tattoo templates that you have gathered and add your own sketches to them to make the designs your own. Otherwise, just make a list of some things you would like changed and tell the tattoo artist about the changes you want when you go in for your tattoo. The artist will create a quick sketch which should match what you are looking for.

Here are few pictures of the most popular Cross Tattoos: